At the 49th, we strive to produce craft beer to nourish the soul. But to nourish the body, we seek out the best Alaskan products for our menu. Alaska’s native traditions, organic-minded communities, and family businesses work together to produce an unparalleled selection from which our chef can choose.

We order from farms like Delta Meats for our weekly pig roast. Delta provides hand-raised, hormone- and chemical-free pork that our chef slow roasts and bastes in beer. Organic vegetables come from the nearby Denali Organic Growers or Hendrick's Farm. They have spent decades cultivating their soil, capturing their own water, and doing every aspect of the farming is done by hand. When you see the leafy greens on your plate you will immediately know the difference. New this season, you can be one of the first in Alaska to try yak. We are one of only three restaurants in all of Alaska that offer yak on the menu. It's lean and delicious! If you try our dishes with reindeer, you help support native tribes in Alaska. We order our reindeer from Indian Valley Meats, where they help Native companies manage a herd of 6,000 reindeer. Combining Alaska’s Native culture with modern and safe processing technology makes tasting the Alaskan wilderness possible.

Wholesome and healthy products mean you get to taste the freshness and flavor that nature intended. It also means you can feel good about what you and your family are eating. We hope you savor your experience with Alaska and the 49th State Brewing Company.

Uncommonly DeliciousFood

The Restaurant at 49th State Brewing Company creates delicious, sustainable food that often includes our exceptional beers. Our menu consists of a mix of traditional American foods such as steaks, chops, and fresh seafood - all of which can be enjoyed with our famous beers.

Whether you are seeking a light lunch, an afternoon appetizer to accompany a beer, or a delightful dinner complete with beer, we offer dishes to match your taste and your wallet.

Owner David McCarthy has combined numerous years in the restaurant industry with a passion for fresh, local, seasonal, and healthy ingredients to create an exceptional "beer cuisine" experience. David and Head Chef Todd Podborny continue to dazzle and delight locals and visitors alike. Click here to see our full menu of what's in-season and fresh. We also offer daily specials. Enjoy!

All-You-Can-Eat Pig RoastEvery Friday

$22 All-U-Can-Eat

Succulent Roasted Pig Basted in 49th State Baked Blonde Ale and Bacon-fat, Served with BBQ Beans, Coleslaw & Potato Salad. 6pm-10pm (while the hog lasts)

Nothing beats the sounds and scents of an open-air, backyard pig roast. We bring this American classic to new height by sourcing local Alaskan hand-raised, hormone- and chemical-free pork from Delta Meats. In the tradition of Pacific Northwest natives, our chef uses Alaskan Alder wood to smoke our pig. After one bite you’ll find that nothing tastes comparable to the natural sugars from Alder wood smoke. With each bite the flavors of pure pork mingling with smoky sweetness will send your taste buds into overdrive. So come on down to our beer garden, get a cold craft beer in hand, and dig in!